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Sheet Good is a place for plywood enthusiasts.

If you’re into plywood, and doing cool stuff with it, like making furniture, or art, or engineering projects, Sheet Good will be a place you’ll enjoy hanging out.

I originally intended for this to just be a blog about promoting plywood furniture. What I realized is that I don’t really care about having a blog. I’d rather be a part of a community and meet the other people who enjoy making stuff out of plywood, and share what I know and learn from others. So, I have set this site up to include a blog, for people to share their stories, and a forum for people to interact with each other.

This is something I wish existed when I was starting out. That informal place that filled that void for me was Instagram. I followed people making cool stuff and learned from their posts and through conversations with them. Though, I still enjoy following people on Instagram and seeing the cool stuff they do, I believe we could make Sheet Good a better place for those conversations and stories.

Looking forward to building a community with you!

J Anderson

And don’t forget to check out the plywood furniture forum!

The Team

Victoria Etchepare
Social Media Manager

Victoria Etchepare was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1995. She has pursued her passion for art ever since, dedicating her time, energy and love to creating and manifesting herself through it. This journey has given her the opportunity to develop a diverse and defined portfolio of work, seen through her work in – film, photography and digital marketing.

Joel Anderson
Website Manager

Joel started his career as an Industrial Designer and became absolutely obsessed with building furniture out of plywood. His work exposed him to digital fabrication techniques like CNC routing and set him on a path of designing flatpack furniture. As time has gone on he has become more interested in making more traditional styles of joinery with plywood. He now works as a workshop manager for a plywood furniture and joinery company, and has a passion for sharing his knowledge and to learn from others.

Riad Durguti

Riad is the founder of the first ever woodworking TVET center in Kosovo. He is a Computer engineering graduate that discovered his passion for woodworking during his work in manufacturing automation. As a lifelong learner, he has a growth mindset and an innate curiosity about the world. He loves pushing himself to find new challenges, ideas, and experiences.


Lisa Stolz
MOWO Furniture